Cold season tips!

Natural tips for keeping Colds and Flu at Bay
1. Wash your hands!
2. Get plenty of rest.
3. Think clean…disinfect all shared surfaced with others.
4. Freshen the air by opening the window and allow the air to circulate.
5. Eat healthy! By eating garlic, fresh juices, and sipping some Apple Cider Vinegar…natural remedies and anti-bacterials.
6. Drink Herbal teas like Echinacea, Licorice Root, and Astagalus boost the immune system.
7. Drink plenty of fluids.
8. Don’t touch your face….your hands spread germs and viruses thru mouth, nose, and eyes.
9. Eat your greens.
10. EXERCISE!!!! Speed up your oxygen intake and increase the body’s number of natural virus-killing cells.

Be Well!

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