Tracie Wright Vlaun

A former model, mother of two, wife, and entrepreneur with things to say –

From her early teens Tracie sat as a first chair violinist with all intensions to continue playing in college. Tracie’s direction took a swift turn one day when at the mall in Atlanta, GA was approached by a model scout. Soon after she was signed with ELITE MODEL MANAGEMENT and then it was off to South Africa, Germany, New York, LA… eventually landing in Miami Beach after runways, catalog fashion, commercials and TV.

To maintain her personal equilibrium, Tracie started practicing yoga while in South Africa. The experience inspired her to become a practitioner and teacher while infusing music and rhythm to her practice. Soon after Tracie developed and copywrote her own system called “Aeroga”. Since then it has become a craze amongst her elite and celebrity cliental. Not long after Aeroga began gaining popularity, Tracie teamed up with her husband to create “V Art of Wellness” a luxury lifestyle brand that develops wellness programs for some of the leading brands in hospitality.

In pursuit of peace and balance Tracie finds the many day to day challenges of balancing personal growth, raising three children (a boy, a girl and a business) and a marriage. LuvMeYoga is the outlet and expression of what she likes, does NOT like and in-between. As she would say, “sometimes we need to just rant, rave, brag or lament.”


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