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Saturated Fat, Cholesterol and Heart Disease.

Shocking report by ABC news on saturated fat, cholesterol and heart disease. Saturated fat and cholesterol has been accused for almost 60 years to be responsible of heart disease but unfortunately it is not science but marketing. Most of the studies on cholesterol and heart disease are funded by pharmaceutical companies. Unfortunately it is not […]

AEROGA by Tracie Wright Vlaun

We offer a holistic bootcamp by Christopher Vlaun called the BeFit Method, we also offer a Yoga Fitness Hybrid called AEROGA by Tracie Wright Vlaun. Come experience these innovative concept in Miami Beach and Bal Harbour. Contact us at: 786-423-7590 or contact@v-artofwellness.com.

Did You Know????

Did You Know? Studies suggest that people with sleep apnea have a higher risk of cancer. Drinking three or more cups of coffee per day is linked with a reduced risk of death. Propecia, the baldness drug for men, causes sexual dysfunction. In a study of women over age 65, those who ate the most […]

Vitamin C Helps Lower Blood Pressure

Vitamin C Helps Lower Blood Pressure Scientists at Johns Hopkins recently performed a meta-analysis of vitamin C studies relating to blood pressure going back to 1966. After analyzing data from 29 different clinical trials, they found that over an eight-week period, study participants who took around 500 mg of vitamin C per day experienced an […]