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Welcoming the Holiday’s……

Its holiday season and its time to get everything together. I feel like the holidays have come so quickly, and I’m not even prepared. So completely overwhelmed  with presents, Christmas trees,events, dinners, work, vacation…..AH! How many people are feeling overwhelmed out there?

As I pace my house at night I finally remembered that I’m a yoga teacher,( which I do sometimes) and this is the best time to practice what I preach. So a super early, cold walk down the beach the next morning at 6am , when the sun came up….gave me a different prospective. I can do as much as I can, move as fast as I can, but possibly the Universe is telling me to slow down!! I am currently writing from my bed after I have developed a pinched nerve. Now I am self diagnosing this….but to barely move your neck or shoulders……I think I am correct.

So what’s my lesson? Wrapping presents at midnight is not helping me….SLOW down Tracie!

How many people out there need for someone to say this to them. Take a breath, take a minute, find a quiet space….and Meditate for just 10 minutes.

Now you are ready to Welcome in the Holiday’s!




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