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Tired? Sluggish? Overweight? Have you tried every fad diet on the market for the last 10 years? Unfortunately, the majority of us can answer yes to these questions. There are diets like Atkins, the Grapefruit Diet, and there is even a diet that involves only powered shakes. Not only have these diets proven unsuccessful in many cases according to governmental research, they haven’t worked for us either.

All is Not Lost
All hope is not lost. It has recently been discovered that a healthy mind and body are not a result of how much you eat. Nor will the same diet work for every person. Each of us has a unique metabolic makeup. This simply means that no 2 people have the same body chemistry. And this makeup determines what you should and should not eat to maintain good health and a perfect weight.

No One Diet is Right for Everyone
Eating a meal that is right for your metabolic type will improve your energy, increase your mental capacities, and boost your emotional well-being. Each meal should leave you feeling well-satisfied for several hours. If you are already feeling good, eating should, at the very least, help to maintain your energy level.
But if you feel worse in some way an hour or so after eating, such as:
You still feel hungry even though you are physically full
You develop a sweet craving
Your energy level drops
You feel hyper, nervous, angry or irritable
You feel depressed
…then it might be due to an improper combination of proteins, fats and carbohydrates at your last meal. You might be eating the perfect foods for your metabolism, but having too much of one type of food in place of another can easily produce the symptoms listed above.

Everyone Has Their Own Unique Metabolic Type
Many people are eating high-quality nutritious organic foods and are still quite sick. They haven’t touched sugar or junk food in ages and still suffer with many health problems. There are a number of reasons for this, but one of the major physical ones is related to the fact that they are not eating appropriate foods for their metabolic type.

Metabolic Typing is a revolutionary system for optimizing whole body health. Diet and nutritional supplements are used to address the individual at a fundamental metabolic level, allowing for increased energy, weight loss and greater resistance to disease.

By conducting a series of simple tests we are able to determine each individual’s Metabolic Type. This is the fundamental way in which your body produces and processes energy. Armed with this knowledge the individual can knowingly select the foods and nutritional supplements that are tailored to his or her specific metabolism.

Many diets claim to promote energy and weight loss, but they only work effectively in the long term if they are compatible with your Metabolic Type. This explains why one person can lose weight on a particular diet, while another person might gain weight on exactly the same diet! Not all foods and supplements are equally good for all people. Metabolic Typing is the missing link that explains why one person’s food may literally be another person’s poison.

Is Low Fat good for you???

Many people assume that since it is low fat is good for you. Do you know the dark side of low fat, reduce fat and fat free foods? First of all the fat is what contains most of the nutrients and second when fat is reduced or removed with it …the flavor is removed. It must be added sugar to make low fat foods palatable. The more fat is removed the more sugar is added. What most people do not know is also that low fat foods have powdered milk added which is a rancid trans fat. Fat has been created for a reason and not to give us heart attacks or increase our cholesterol levels.
Eat fat naturally occurring in foods from healthy sources as nature intended.

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Why Do You Need Nutrition Guidance?
Simply because nutrition plays a vital role in your health and performance. The adage, “you are what you eat” is true…or more accurately, “you are what you eat, absorb and eliminate”.
You should not need to guess which of the latest diet book is best for you or which supplements are right for you. The key to achieving optimal health and performance is to optimize the way your body function and this require a thorough understanding of your unique body chemistry. For this reason you can buy the best food and supplements and still be nutritionally depleted and not feeling at your best. What works for one person might have no effect on a second person and make a third person sick. By keeping up with the latest science and utilizing sophisticated scientific testing and questionnaires, our nutrition expert can custom-design a plan that fits your body’s unique needs. Ideally we want to help you feel your best look your best and perform your best no matter what your age. What you will learn will not only help you but your whole family too.

Here’s What You Can Expect:
Your own website
You will get permanent access to your own coaching website with several hours of videos specific to your metabolism plus useful articles and cooking tips.

Customized Nutrition
Enjoy one on one consultation sessions designed to achieve results through education, science based analysis, individualized supplementation recommendations and coaching.

Testing for Success
Is your metabolism up to speed? Maximize your success and stay motivated through ongoing scientific testing and consultations to reevaluate and adjust your individual plan.

Our nutrition expert stays up to date with the latest scientific information so you don’t have to…and more importantly, they leverage that information you benefit.

Positive Attitude
Get motivated through our nutritionist’s unwavering focus on success and long term results.

Learn the basics of good nutrition and receive practical guidance for adopting a healthy nutrition and lifestyle- for life

Fitness Tips:

Don’t spend too much time in building muscles.
When it comes to going through exercise routines to build muscles, you should not go beyond the one hour mark. This is because, your body can produce the stress hormone called cortisol when you do that. This hormone can block testosterone and prevent muscle development.